Haddington Hockey

Haddington Hockey is made up of Haddington’s Hockey Junior/Youth Section, Haddington Ladies, ‘Back to Hockey’ Ladies and the Men’s Team, working in partnership with Knox Academy.


  • Hockey for All! Have fun playing hockey at any level and within your local community.
  • Develop the skills and abilities of all players through high quality coaching and training.
  • Offer young players support within and outside of the school curriculum.
  • Provide opportunities to engage with other players across East Lothian.
  • Develop positive self belief, resilience and strength of character.
  • Provide opportunities to become a leader


President: Linda Wood
Treasurer: Fiona Allan
Secretary: Claire Colquhoun
Child Protection Officer: Jacqui Mackinnon
Youth Section Captain: Lottie Brown
Ladies Club Captain: Wendy Craig
Men’s Club Captain: Daniel Hogarth
Knox Academy School of Hockey Contact: Steve Wands

Haddington Hockey Privacy Information, including membership data protection information, is on the Website Policy and Privacy page.



  • Be on your best behaviour
  • Set a good example to our young players
  • Do not use bad language, swear or ridicule players
  • Do not harass players, coaches or referees
  • Remember many helpers are volunteers ie. are giving up their time for free to help with the children
  • Remember junior helpers are learning and will make mistakes, try and be patient and support them
  • Remember young people play for their own enjoyment, it’s not always about winning


  • Have fun
  • Play with a positive attitude
  • Remember to display good sportsmanship, players disregarding this spirit will be considered for instant substitution during a game
  • Play for enjoyment, not just to win
  • Never argue with the referee
  • Control your temper, no bad language, set a good example to younger players
  • Respect your opponents
  • At the final whistle shake hands with your opponents and thank the referee(s)
  • Respect the facility you are using and take home all rubbish/water bottles