Website Information (June 2017)

This website has been set up as a central portal to link the Haddington Ladies’, Men’s and Youth Hockey Clubs and Knox Academy’s School of Hockey. Its aim is to provide timely and relevant information for the benefit of club members, to promote club news and to foster community spirit and inclusion of all members from all areas of the club, irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity, ability, religion or political view.

Rules for Website Authors

  • Please do NOT publish any email/postal addresses or phone numbers. For your security, please use the contact form app instead. How?When writing a new post, click the arrow next to the ‘+’ symbol at the top left then click ‘Add contact form’. Click the ‘Settings’ tab and enter the email address that the form will be sent to, and a subject title (optional). For more information on our data protection policy, see below.
  • In each new post, please select a category (from the list on the right hand side), to aid users when searching for information. The website includes information from the Ladies’, Men’s and Youth Hockey Clubs as well as Knox Academy’s School of Hockey, so let’s make it easy to figure out which group each blog post refers to.

Website Management

  • The Website Manager conducts site maintenance and moderates website content. The Website Manager shall have the discretion to remove any material which is deemed inappropriate. Any website costs/hosting fees etc. will be paid by a member club within Haddington Hockey, subject to agreement by the Committee.
  • Only Committee members/coaches can add relevant content to the website, providing a level of control as to what is put on the site.

Website Data Protection

  • Where possible we aim to ensure that no personal contact data such as email addresses or phone numbers are published on the website, to maintain personal privacy.
  • Photographs may be used on the website. Permission for use of photos is given on the Registration forms. People will not be named in any caption for a photograph, unless written consent has been obtained. In the case of group photos, it is not always practical to have a large number of people at tournaments signing release forms detailing how a photograph will be used on the website, so we will generally use an ‘opt-out’ approach; At the time a photograph is taken, if a subject does not wish to have their photo on the website, time will be given to allow them time to move out of the photograph. If a subject decides they are not happy with a particular photograph they can ask to have it removed from the site, which we will do with immediate effect. Permission to publish will also be obtained from photographers, to protect their copyrighted work.